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Tell your story

With 2D Animated Videos

  • Animated series, music videos, commercials- you name it!

  • High quality cartoon animation

  • Custom Adobe Character Animator Puppets

  • Cost-friendly animation packages


  Why Your Business Needs 2D Animation

Create Shareable Content Opt for

Morrismegamedia and make your 2D video go viral.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts Videos

are proven to be 6 times more effective when it comes

to advertising and marketing campaigns.

Increase Engagement Grab your audience’s

attention with awe-inspiring content.

Reach More Customers Use high-quality

2D computer animation in your marketing campaigns to

reach more audiences and improve your results.



Check out some of our custom Adobe Character Animator puppet samples! We offer a custom design service where we can create 2d style puppets . If you would like us to create something custom for you, please send us an email with your details and we will get back to you with a free quote.


Our expansive video marketing capabilities mean we can approach your next video project with stylish 2D animation that suits your needs best.

Explainer Videos

Animated Series

Whiteboard Animation

Animated Logos

Animated Loops

Animated Web Demos

2D Hybrid Videos

Music Videos

Lyric Videos

Animated Twitch Mascots

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